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  Smartphones Repair Technician
  Android DVD Flash Tools
  CCTV Installation Technician
 DTH Set-Top-Box Installer and     Service
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  Advance Electronics With     Oscilloscope
 Air Conditioner
  TV Repair Technician
  Home Appliances
 LED Light Repair Technician
 Self Employed Tailor
TV Repair Technician
Course Duration : 4 Months
Basic of Electronics
  • Familiarity with basic electrical and digital electronics
  • Fundamental of electricity
  • Knowledge of domestic wiring and different series & parallel connection
  • Operate multi-meter, soldering iron, cathode ray oscilloscope

Install the TV set
  • Different section of a TV and their functioning
  • Remove packaging and check accessories
  • Select tools and equipment for installation
  • Different types of TVs such as CRT TV, LED TV, LCD TV
  • Concealed wiring and make connection of power supply, set top boxes, home theatre systems
     to the TV set
  • Use of test equipment and tools such as multi-meter, volt –ohmmeter

Repair dysfunctional CRT TV set
  • Basic fundamental of CRT television set
  • Understanding of colours, colour picture & signals and colour picture tube
  • Repair the CRT television set
  • Carry out basic earthing test and volt ampere

Repair dysfunctional Flat Panel Display (FPD)TV set
  • Basic fundamental of LCD/ LED television set
  • Identify the reason for fault on the LED/ LCD TV set and fix it.
  • Reassemble and Reinstall the Television set and test its functioning
  • Basic troubleshooting knowledge with respect to LED/ LCD TV set

Engage with customer for Service

  • Basic electrical and mechanical modules of various products.
  • Understand how to communicate with customers.
  • Precautions to be taken while handling field calls and dealing with customers

Interact with colleagues
  • Understand work requirements.
  • Deliver work of expected quality.
  • Resolve inter-personnel conflicts and achieve smooth workflow.
  • Communicate effectively
  • Understand building of team coordination.

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