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creating opportunities in west bengal   In the present market scenario, there is a stiff competition   amongst all the training providers, AVJ has managed to be a   leader in this segment. AVJ boasts of high level of student   satisfaction and is proud to be the pioneer in the ‘mobile   and laptop reverse engineering industry’. Following are a   few of the most crucial differential factors has helped to   remain the no 1 training and skills development institute   over the past years.

1. We are the largest mobile, laptop training and service provider in the eastern India for the past 20 years. ‘We are not just a part of the telecom industry , but we are the industry’. We regularly train and provide technicians to renowned mobile phone companies.

2. Have trained more than 25000 students at various levels in the past 7 years. Our vast pool of experience makes us the expert in this particular domain. Being the expert in this domain helps us to enrich our student’s students both technical and non technical knowledge.

3. The module followed is fully industry oriented with hand on practical trouble shooting. The rigours module makes our students absolutely job readyand helps them perform at the highest level.

4. Conceptual teaching approach is followed. Analysis of the students conceptual and technical knowledge is made first and then each student is handled individually. Special emphasis is given on making the students deal with ‘real life trouble shooting’ in our servicing division.

5. Hi-tech cutting edge lab, with state of art infrastructure. Our students gets to feel the real life work environment and accustom themselves accordingly.

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