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creating opportunities in west bengal
creating opportunities in west bengal The availability of skilled and employable manpower is one of the major challenge to India is facing to wards its aspirations of double digit growth and employment. What is required now is the integration of the educational system with the skill delivery system to bring a positive change and hence facilitate the initiative taken up by the government to meet this skills shortage crisis.

There is a major need for the setting up of an ideation platform for involving key stakeholders to participate on different partnership models for bridging the demand –
supply gap of skilled manpower resources and creating new strategies for enhancing employment and employability index of the country as a whole and the state of West Bengal in particular.

In West Bengal, 40% of the total working population is within the age of 18- 25years. The State Government is focusing on Skill Development as a major driver for inclusive growth. Through craftsmen training, technological aid, short term training oriented programs, a lot can be achieved. It has been affirmed time and again that the gap between technological transition has to be meted out since the advancement of technology all over the country is not uniform. Skill development in West Bengal has to be designed in such a pattern that it can not only be looked upon as a business opportunity and not just any welfare or CSR activity but an urgent need for the overall development of West Bengal.

India has the fastest growing telecom industry. Similar opportunities exist in skill space as well. “As per TRAI Govt. Of India Report around10 cores Mobile users in India and more than 20000 Technicians is required to give Service to all the Consumers all over India in Next One year of time”. Annual skill development market is a promising industry. Collaboration of the State Government and private training providers is of utmost importance to make the people more employable. Talent has to be identified from villages and also from lesser known areas.

The State Government of West Bengal is emphasizing more on employability since it brings about an assurance of a secured future. Any state must look for uplifting the employability in the coming years. It is mainly a challenge to deal with the middle and below middle level students. Stress must be put on these levels. Driving education and increasing skill is the need of the hour. The focus has to be on making industry ready human resource and small scale entrepreneurs. Special stress need to lay upon economically backward society and school drop outs to make them industry ready. The overall aim is to make West Bengal the skill capital of the country. There is a need for the State government to take up fresh at the strategic imperatives for employment and employability in the State of West Bengal.

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