AVJ Skill Development Division
    • Gurudas mahavidyalay.(12 students)

    • Pratibondhee Shangha, association of disabled persons. (10 students)

    • JIS college Of Engineering. (42 students)

    • World Vision India. (25 students)

    • Santipur Municipality, West Bengal. (50 students)

    • Uttarpara Kotrung Municipality

    • Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.(45 students)

    • West Bengal Minorities development (350 students)

    • Corporate Social Responsibility
     The ability to make a significant difference in the society and improve the overall quality of life has      clearly been proven by the corporates. Not one but all corporates should try and bring about a      change in the current social situation in India in order to have an effective and lasting solution to      the social woes. AVJ welcomes such initiatives from the Corporates to tie-up for educating      students and developing skilled manforce and initiate extensive social change which will put
     the socio-economic development of India on a fast track.
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