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  The past history and the present trend shows that maximum of our students gets hired in various   service centers like Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, LG etc. The residual are locally employed in all   brand mobile servicing outlets.
  AVJ take pride in the fact that we have been able to enhance the local employment ratio of West   Bengal in the rural areas. Our students are mostly working in local shops, where they are earning   well above the minimum wage. Since 35% - 40% of our students are from the minority background,   we state that we have also helped the minority back ground students from West Bengal in finding   a decent employment through our training. Apart from being employed, a very good number of our   students prefer to be ‘Self Employed’. A result of a general survey amongst our students has   brought forward a very interesting scenario to the lime light. The students who have undergone   training in this set domains, they prefer to be self employed over employment in organized sector   It is a fact that being self employed not only increases their monthly income to a great extent, but   also them a better control over their life.

  Some Of The Employer Companies:

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