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  West Bengal as it stands at a historic threshold and new aspirations for ushering a new economic   era. The government has turned the limelight on skills development across the country including   West Bengal to align industry manpower needs with the skilling initiatives underway and improve   the employability of the working population including school drop-outs, semi-skilled and un-skilled   workers. Due efforts are underway to create a new wave of entrepreneurship in the country that   will result in further employment generation.

  AVJ Infotech Pvt Ltd has rich history of delivering training services all over West Bengal for the past 8   years. We have been able to provide the labor market with more than 25000 skilled labor. Now   keeping in mind the alarming state of the shortage of required skills for sustaining, we are more   than willing to render our services and expertise to the West Bengal government and join hand in   facing and over coming this major crisis, which is hampering the growth of our beloved state . We   are very proud to confirm that we share the same ideologies and visions with the government as far   the ‘Sustainable Skills Development is concerned’.

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