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about avj AVJ Infotech Pvt Ltd, is the leading chip level training and repairing company in the Eastern India with having an annual turnover of Rs 3 cores. Building on the customer satisfaction and quality training for the past 20 years, AVJ Infotech Pvt LTD today is the most trusted name in the servicing and chip level training. A public utility I.T.E.S. company under I.T act of Govt. of West Bengal, the company has 7 vocational training divisions in which above 30 thousand of students have already been trained.

AVJ Infotech Pvt Ltd is the pioneer in introducing Chip level repairing and training in West Bengal. Through the strong network of 24 self owned centers across the entire West Bengal, it has been successful in reaching over 3000 villages/towns in West Bengal and training the underprivileged people over there.

Today AVJ mainly operates is the servicing and skills development industry and have been hugely successful in all its business ventures. Having already completed over 1 lac chip level servicing, the company has been able to been a revolution in the chip level servicing industry. AVJ skills development division is positioned to train unskilled and semi-skilled youth while offering a number of up skilling vocational programs to skilled youth. We have a rich student base, mainly comprising of BPL, Minority, ST/SC and OBC in West Bengal, with an eye on reaching the same student bases in Bihar area.

Founded in the year 1993, the company has come a long way in these past 20 years and have developed an unique brand image of its own. Having worked with both government and private institutes, the company is the most sought after chip level training institute in the entire eastern India region. The company has successfully transformed from a servicing company to a training and servicing company and established itself as the best in the industry. The company is well managed by its highly experienced management team and is always excelling in terms of quality. Where is AVJ stands apart from the others is that we not only promise but we also live up to our promises and give the best in the market.

  Company Highlights:
    • One of the pioneer training companies in Eastern India.
     24 self owned centers across the entire West Bengal.
    • Company has average annual turnover more than Rs 2.8 cores for the past 3 fiscal years.
    • Launched “Mobile and Laptop reverse-engineering” training courses in West Bengal.
    • More than 25000 students trained in the last 7 years.
    • 95% of the students are either employed or self employed.
    • AVJ Group already completed more than 1 lac chip level repairing jobs in the field of Computer        mother board and Laptops.
  AVJ’s View on Sustainable Skills Development:
  Over the past many years, it has been continuously addressed that the main problem , India is   facing towards development is the massive skills gap that is pre dominant in the Indian work   force. With more almost 13 million new man power available in the market every single year the   ministry of Human resource has taken up a project of training 500 million people by the year   2025. Multiple research studies have shown that there is a massive gap of skilled manpower in   21 sectors in India.

  To address this problem, it is upon the government bodies and the ITI’s to take the initiative of   imparting skills development trainings to the unskilled/ unemployable labor force. It is very   essential for the development of the country to have a skilled workforce. Slightest growth in the   gross domestic product of the company can create millions of jobs and India, being one of the   fastest growing nation, it is in the track of increasing its Gdp every year. It is estimated that by   the year 2025, there will be a dearth in Indian market, for skilled work force, which will in turn   hamper the growth of the country eventually . In the present scenario it is very essential impart   sustainable skills to millions of individuals so as for India to attain the required 10% growth rate.

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