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why avj

  AVJ proposed to train in the following domains:

  1. Repair And Maintenance of Cellular Phones.(NCVT module no :ELC207)

      The training 3 modules. The students will be given a full comprehensive training on the all of the       below mentioned domain. This training makes the students to be an expert mobile technician in       any kind of handsets, having any OS like android, windows, IOS, Blackberry, etc

       • Basic Electronics
       • Mobile Hardware
       • Mobile Hardware

   2. Chip Level Training:

      Chip level training was first introduced in west Bengal by AVJ. In this training, the students are       trained to be chip level technicians in electronics. Chip level training in provided for the following       set devices:

     • Laptop Assembling and Desktop Assembling

     • Computer Hardware(NCVT module no : ICT 205)

     • Repairing of Mother Board.

     • Basic Electronics, Repairing and Maintenance of Power supply invertors and UPS(NCVT          Module no : ELC:101)

     • Repair and Maintenance of Photocopier and Fax Machines(NCVT module no : ELC211)

     • Repairing and Maintenance of Digital Camera.

     • Repairing Camera, LCD TV, Set Top Box, Air conditioner circuits

     • Optical Fibre and Tower technician

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