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LED Light Repair Technician
LED Light Repair Technician
Course Duration : 4 Months
  Finding and repairing component level fault
  • Check that there is no loose, de-soldered wires and connections if the light does not switch on
  • Replace the LED light engine if it is found faulty
  • Check the supply unit with AC supply / multimeter to find out the voltage / current output in case      LED light Engine is not found defective
  • Ccheck output voltage/current of the supply unit again with multimeter

  Finding and repairing LED strip level fault
  • Check how many LED strips are non-functional / damaged from the array of LED strips in the light
  • Remove the glass shell from the LED light
  • Replace the burnt out / damaged LED strips
  • Replace the glass shell on the LED Light and close it if all the strips are found operational

  Fixing glass shell and packing the final product
  • Correctly find the root cause of non-functional LED light and repair it in minimum possible time
  • Document the fault diagnosis and repair process as per SOP

  Achieving productivity and quality of standards
  • Assemble all the parts as per the product design to create LED luminary
  • Assemble the product right first time so that rework is not required

  Interacting with supervisor & colleagues
  • Understand work requirements by receiving instructions from reporting supervisor
  • Rectify errors as per feedback and minimize mistakes to zero in future
  • handover completed work and deliver the work of expected quality despite constraints
  • Assist colleagues where necessary and as per capability

  Understanding potential sources of accidents
  • Avoid accidents related to use of potentially dangerous chemicals, gases, sharp tools and hazards   from machines which involves exposure to possible injuries such as cuts, bites, stings, minor burns,   etc
  • Handle with care when using an electrical drill and sharp cutting objects

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