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BIOS Programming
BIOS Programming
Course Duration : 6 Classes
  A. AIM :-
  • Magnificent course which give full exposure to the students about the role and importance of the
     BIOS and its features in Desktop and Laptop Motherboard.
  • To make the students familiar with the functioning of the different types of BIOS like:-

  a) 32 DIP BIOS
  b) PLCC 32 BIOS
  c) DIP 8 BIOS
  d) DIP 20 BIOS
  e) DIP 16 BIOS
  f) SOP 20 BIOS
  g) SOP 16 BIOS
  h) SOP 8 BIOS
  i) MSOP 8 BIOS
  j) SSOP 8 BIOS

  To make our Student enable to use the BIOS PROGRAMMING
 • Device in effective way to give some advance knowledge of Voltage and
 • Signal part which correlates in faultfinding of MBD in quickest way.
 • To make them enable to trouble shoot with all types of BIOS.
 • To REPROGRAMMING the Faulty Bios and make them OK.
 • With the use of (1: 1 )BIOS Reprogramming device how to Reprogramming / Flashing /Copying of
     BIOS program.
 • Understanding the RESET & CLOCK Section with the BIOS IC.

  The Entire syllabus will be completed in 6(Six) Classes, covering all the above content and it is fully   practical oriented program with compact contents and training.

 • We provide all student participating in this course with LATEST BIOS PROGRAMMING Device
     to program Laptop & Desktop BIOS.
 • We provide 1 DVD specially designed for this Course for all the BIOS in’s & out Details.
 • We provide 1 DVD which content all the BIOS file of Desktop and Laptop Motherboard.
 • We provide a PLCC extractor which is required for our repairing in desktop & Laptop MBD.
 • Special interaction on how to troubleshoot the problems and some special TIPS of MBD Repair.

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