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  Motherboard & Laptop Chip Level     Repairing
 BIOS Programming
  Printer & Laser Printer Repairing
  Field Technician UPS & Inverter
  Smartphones Repair Technician
  Android DVD Flash Tools
  CCTV Installation Technician
 DTH Set-Top-Box Installer and     Service
 Solar Panel Installation Technician
  Advance Electronics With     Oscilloscope
 Air Conditioner
  TV Repair Technician
  Home Appliances
 LED Light Repair Technician
 Self Employed Tailor
Smartphones Repair Technician
Smartphones Repair Technician
Course Duration : 4 Months

 Certificate in Mobile Phone Hardware Technician Course
  • Introduction to mobile phones, Generations of mobile phones, FHSS networks, GSM, Spread       spectrum, CDMA, TDMA & Basic electronics components.
  • Handset Specific operating systems, Handset features & applications, working principle of mobile       handset & Components used in mobile handsets.
  • Tools & equipment used for repairing & maintenance of mobile handsets, types of power supply &       batteries, boosting a battery, Troubleshooting basics.
  • Network problems, Power failure (dead), Mobile phone hardware troubleshooting (water damage,      hanging, charging & keypad problems), Handsets assembly& disassembly, Soldering & desoldering      & SMD rework station.
  • BGA IC’s, Basics of Computer, Installation of software, Flashing, PC based diagnostic tools, mobile      sets formatting, used of secret codes.
  • Mobile software’s, Data cable, Card reader, Mobile display, Remove/replace Component & Mobile
    phone hardware troubleshooting (Troubleshooting through circuit diagram, transmission,       transmitter filter, microphone, reception, Antenna, RF power amplifier, local oscillator, Audio IC,       speaker, charger etc. ).
  • Reading & writing skills, Communication skills, Time management skills, Team skills, Safety &       Security.

  Certificate in Mobile Phone Software Technician Course (Duration : 2 Months)
  A software is a set of programs, routines and symbolic language that control the functions of   hardware and directs its operations.

  The common software problems are:
  i Display
  ii No signal
  iii Dead set
  iv Test mode
  v Not charging
  vi Contact service provider
  vii Hanging
  viii Auto restart
  ix White screen
  x Ring out on its own
  xi Select options on its own
  xii Run extremely low
  xiii Auto off

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