AVJ Skill Development Division
  Advance Chip Level
  Motherboard & Laptop Chip Level     Repairing
 BIOS Programming
  Printer & Laser Printer Repairing
  Field Technician UPS & Inverter
  Smartphones Repair Technician
  Android DVD Flash Tools
  CCTV Installation Technician
 DTH Set-Top-Box Installer and     Service
 Solar Panel Installation Technician
  Advance Electronics With     Oscilloscope
 Air Conditioner
  TV Repair Technician
  Home Appliances
 LED Light Repair Technician
 Self Employed Tailor
Solar Panel Installation Technician
Solar Panel Installation Technician
Course Duration : 4 Months
   Check site conditions, collect tools and raw materials
  • Understand the work requirement
  • Check out and assess the site condition
  • Understand the installation requirement
  • Collect materials required for installation
  • Ensure quality material usage and appropriate handling mechanism

  Install the solar panel
  • Understand the installation and material usage procedure
  • Assess mounting requirements
  • Install the solar panel
  • Connect the system and check for functioning
  • Report and document completion of work
  • Follow quality and safety procedures

  Coordinate colleagues at work
  • Interact with supervisor or superior
  • Coordinate with colleagues

  Ensure safety at workplace
  • Follow standard safety procedures while handling an equipment
  • Participate in company’s safety drills and workshops


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