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Advance Ghip Level
Advance Ghip Level
Course Duration : 6 Months

 • CRO Concept for Laptop Repair
 • Different uses & Layout of Laptop
 • Battery Stage
 • DCIN and Detector Stage
 • Main System Power supply Stage
 • CPU Core Supply Stage
 • CPU VCC & VDD Section
 • Clock Generator Stage
 • System Controller Stage
 • DSP Stage, LVDS Stage
 • LCD TFT Stage
 • CCFL Concept
 • ICH Pin Description
 • Micro Controller Stage
 • I/O Controller Stage
 • UHS, Supper I/O Controller Stage
 • Audio Driver and Audio Amplifier
 • Key Board Stage
 • USB Concept & Stage
 • IEEE 1394 Stage
 • Adaptor Stage
 • Testing and Fault Finding of Adaptor Battery
 • IC Detail used in Battery Stage
 • Working of Circuit with Power ON Stage
 • BAT OUT Pin Concept
 • Testing and Fault Finding with CRO
 • Detail of Different circuits of Laptop (DCIN
    and Detector Stage
 • Testing and Fault Finding of DCIN and
    Detector Stage

Battery Charging and Power Selection Stage    (Testing and Fault Finding5 VALWP and 3    VALWP    Main System Power Supply Stage and    Testing
System Power Supply Stage and testing
2.5 VP System Power Supply Stage and     Testing

 • 0.9 VP System Power Supply Stage and Testing
 • CPU Fan Supply Controller Stage and Testing
 • +3VALW to +3VS Supply Power Control Stage
 • +5 VALW to +5 VS Supply Power Controller Stage
 • +3 VALWP to + 3 V Supply Power Controller      Stage

 • +1.8 V to +1.8 VS Supply Power Controller Stage
 • +1.5 VALW to +1.5 VS Supply Power Controller    Stage and testing of all
 • .05 VP System Power Supply Stage and Testing
 • Power Discharge Circuit Stage, CPU Core Power    Supply Stage and Testing

 • Power On Circuit Stage and Testing
 • Power Button and Launch keys Button Stage and     Testing
 • Clock Generator Stage and Testing
 • System Temperature Sensing Stage and Testing
 • CPU Thermal Protection Stage and Testing
 • Hard Disk Drive connector Stage, Optical Disk      Drive connector Stage and Testing
 • Internal Keyboard Connector Stage, Mouse &      Touch Pad Stage and Testing
 • Audio Section Power Supply Regulator Stage,      Audio Codec Stage. Audio Amplifier Stage,
 • Head Phone and MIC Jack Stage and Testing
 • Beep Sound Signal Controller Stage and Testing,      USB Port Power Supply Controller Stage and      Testing
 • LCD Panel Power and Connector Stage and       Testing
 • Inverter Stage and Testing. External Display Port     Stage and Testing Modem Daughter Card     Connector Stage and Testing
 • Bluetooth Interface Stage and Testing, PC Card     Bus Slot Stage and Testing
 • Network and Modem Jack Stage and Testing.

 • LCD & LED Stage & Testing
 • Power ON Sequence Diagram, Laptop Trouble     Shooting with Various Faulty Laptop

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