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Printer & Laser Printer
Printer & Laser Printer
Course Duration : 3 Months

  Introduction of the Printer
  • Laser Printer
  • Dot Matrix
  • Ink Jet Printer

  Type of Printers, Type of Drivers, Creating Virtual Port, Common Driver Installing
  • Identification, testing and application of micro components
  • Testing AC and DC supply
  • Use of Multi meter
  • Testing of open, short, ground circuit

  DC controller, Fuser Assembly & Formatter Board of Printers
  • Handling of power boards & precautions
  • Power Flow Chart of power boards
  • Working of Formatter Boards

  Laser Printer Unit
  • Laser Printer Working Concept, Block Diagram Of Laser Scanner Unit
  • Block Diagram of Laser Printer, Importance & Introduction
  • Common Fault & Equality of Printer, Circuit Concept, Refilling Cartridge
  • PCB Concept, Control Unit, Power Unit, Lens Assembly, Scanner Device

  Dot Matrix Printer
  • Basic Concept Of Dot Matrix Printer, Mechanism
  • Printer Head repair &Working principal, Power Supply
  • Processor Section, Pin Head Refurbish, SMPS Board Concept

  Inkjet Printer
  • Assembly & Disassembling of Printer
  • Operating technology of inkjet, introduction of manufacturing brands in accordance with their       printers
  • Identification of parts like Print Head PCB,Paper path,Waste Ink collection system,HEAD cleaning &      pumping system, carriage,Encoder etc.
  • Introduction of CISS
  • Introduction of M-JET
  • Types of Ink

  Tonner Refilling
  • Cartridge Toner Refilling

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